The Day After : Origins

The Day After : Origins

The Day After: Origins is an open-world action and story-driven game, where the player’s decisions influence the storylines. It takes place in a small North American mining town, kept under full quarantine due to aggressive bacteria which affects the citizens, transforming them into dangerous and contagious primal beings.

Captivating Story

After a lack of consciousness, Noah Byers, an arrogant but charismatic young man, realizes that foreign bacteria are spreading around the town, which is now kept under full quarantine by the military forces.

Noah’s objective quickly becomes to find Allison, his girlfriend who has been missing since he came back to his senses. In a world that starts to sink into madness, Noah will track down her every move in order to find her, helped and betrayed by the survivors, risking his life against the threatening infected beings of Grayfox Hill.


If all choices come with consequences, they also come along with karma points in our game. Karma points allow the player to unlock special abilities for Noah. Each choice makes the player earn or lose karma points. The total number of points can be negative if the player takes several bad decisions. Whether you choose the light path or the dark one, the skills you access have been thought to fit with your alignment and habits in the game. Will you be the savior of this human crisis? Or will you be another kind of scourge in Grayfox Hill?


Humans infected by foreign bacteria are mutating into 3 different stages of infection, each of them with their distinct particularities.

The first stage of infection corresponds to the newborns. Surrounded with spores, the newborn’s body is writhing in pain, fighting against the bacteria. Always remember to stay away from them, because if you get too close, they’ll send you small creatures to protect their host.

The second stage beings are known as outbursters. When it senses a human being close, the outburster sacrifices itself to infect him, bursting in an explosion of contagious spores.

The last but not least, the reapers are the creatures hosting stage 3 bacteria. Strong, fast and resistant, the reapers have a new bone structure that provides them long claws, sharp teeth and thick renewed skin, among others.


Noah Byers is a young man of instinct who knows how to tilt his environment in his favor. Through the fights, the player is encouraged to use some of the elements around him to thwart his opponents and to slow them down. In addition to guns and long-range weapons, Noah can coat his bullets with substances of various effects, use close-combat weapons and create diversions. Countless strategies are available.

Online Co-op

Invite a friend into your adventure with the 4 online co-op mode and team up to overcome the obstacles of your storyline. Compare your decisions as well as your performances with the community of players and meet the weekly challenges to add your name on the online record.

Open World

Enter a universe where realism is the lord and master. Created with Unreal Engine 4, the territory on which expends Grayfox Hill offers multiple places to explore and loot both day and night, but beware of the dangerous outbursters or reapers that might be close… From abandoned buildings to the edge of the forest, the exploration of this world extends over a vast area, not only on the surface, but also in the underground. Grayfox Hill’s mines are dark and worrying places offering worthwhile tunnels to explore. Moreover, the eye adaptation technology is used when Noah walks in darker locations, increasing your immersion in this new universe.